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UV in filter ?


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Own one myself,

basically, from the information i collected, it should be used when needed only.

If it is one of the cheaper canisters with UV, then the plastics don't hold up very long before they get brittle.

I already noticed internal wall of my canister starting to turn yellow at places where it is exposed to the light.

That happened although I have used the UV for only a total of 20~30 days *(mainly for testing purposes rather than any actual need).

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they kill free floating microbes - bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and algae but remember that they only kill or remove algae out of the water that passes through it so it wont cure disease (but it will keep white spot down when its in its floating stage before it hosts on your fish), or remove algae of any of your rocks or glass. i have one but never use it unless i have an algae bloom but with a well maintained tank with healthy fish on good food you don't really need one, they seem to be becoming a bit of a gimmick on cheap filters hope that helps

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