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DIY Egg Tumbler


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I noticed someone on one of th forums i surf asking about tumblers the other day so i whipped this one up in about 10 minuites. Not only does it make good use of the kids used bottles it is easy, quick and cheap.

You will need

2 babies bottles. 1 Avent, 1 cheapy (second hand is fine)

Hack Saw

Cigerette Lighter or butane torch

Filter sponge

Airstone and air tube.

Drill and 4mm bit

IPB Image

Start by cutting the top (Thread section) of the cheapy bottle 4 times in an X shape. This makes it easier to force it into the Avent bottle lid. It will sit in tight and never come out.

IPB Image

IPB Image

Melt a 20mm hole in the bottom of the Avent bottle. This will be the Egg chamber.

IPB Image

Cut off the top corner of the cheapy bottle. This will be your lift tube. The only step not shown in the piccies is a 4mm hold drilled behind the cut off that takes the air line down into the lift tube (cheap bottle)

IPB Image

Cut the filter sponge (slightly larger than needed to make a snugish fit) to size and insert into the bottom of the Avent bottle and the other into the neck of the cheapy bottle (this piece stops the eggs going into the lift tube).

IPB Image

IPB Image

Screw together, and presto, its done.

IPB Image

Attach to the aquarium with siliconed on suction caps or a thin piece of plasticoat wire. The Air tube will be tight enough in the bottle that you could even hang it by that.

Hope this helps someone out.

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