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water particles


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hi all

have had my tank up and running for a while, im getting particles in the water making it look dusty sorta

not cloudy.

running a cannister filter 2500ltr and an internal 2000ltr

im guessing my filter wool isnt picking up the partiles? but the filters are pushing out as hard as ever.

any ideas on how to polish the water and get rid of these particles?


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I still have a bit of a problem at feeding time in my SA tank but I've managed to get rid of most of it. If its really small and as you mentioned your wool might not be picking it up you might consider a product like Clarity to bind the smaller particles together so the wool can trap it. It does make your tank go cloudy for a few hours but cleans it up nicely.

I've also started using bio chem zorb in my filters and the difference is huge, just not sure if it will help with particles as I think its mostly for chemicals such as tannins from wood.

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