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Can Fish get cateracts?


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cloudy eyes can be caused by a bacterial infection

nah its not cloudy eyes his eyes are crystal clear with wat looks to be cataracts right over his i suppose pupils.....

he has had them now for about 3 yrs

100% Bacterial infection

check the link provided for treatments but i dont believe it would help the damage has been done

it would of happened at a stage of a high nitrate spike

can you remember if at the same time if you had lost a bunch of fish for no apparent reson?

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Hi my mate has a fish which looks to have cataracts.....

He is blind as a bat but somehow finds his way around his tank with just the odd bump here or there

i was just wondering if this is what he has????

Oh...probably...maybe :)

It may NOT be cataracts though.

Fish are different to mammals in that they have a spherical lens (remember cataracts is a LENS problem) and the lens protrudes through the iris a bit...so...if the cloudiness is in the centre of the eye and appears to be on the other side of or through the iris then its probably cataracts (true cataratcs are pretty rare in fish)

However, its probably all academic. If the fish has had it for so long its probably never going to resolve


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As Mike said the anatomy of the fishes eye is similar to ours

Its important to distinguish between disorders of the cornea(outer covering of the eye) and disorders of the lens.

The most common cause of an opaque eye in fish are trauma or infection of the cornea.

Cateracts can happen in fish and are caused by similar problems to humans (nutritional deficiency,senescence etc)with UV light not being a problem as for us.

Id say your fish has cateracts if the surface of the eye is clear.

As Mike also said its a bit academic as I dont think you can put lens implants into a fish or do a corneal transplant if its a scarred cornea

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