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6x2x3h who do i get one off?


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Gday Team

I love the look of tanks that are higher than the standard. With that in mind im thinking about buying a 6x2x3h tank.

Im assuming it would be rather more expensive than a 6x2x2 because of the glass thickness required to hold the pressure.

Does anyone have ideas of where i should be looking to purchase a tank like this?

Mahendra has been building most of my tanks and im happy with them so far.

What do you guys think about going 3 feet high? what are your experiences with these high tanks?

I also have no idea about sumps but would like to hook this baby up to one as i think it would be easier to maintain than my current canister filter setup.

Any info would be Rad

Thanks heaps

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hey mate, i got a 6x2deepx82cm(just under 3 foot) high, i love it, its heaps better than 2foot high, that little bit extra hight makes the differance, only problem i have found is getting to the bottom, i used to rocks in there but it was a pain when moving them, my arm isnt long enough to reach them at the bottom so i took all of them out and changeed my cichlids etc to suit. if you dropped a rock etc...just not worth the risk, got it full of driftwood and geophagus atm.

it has a wier that drains into a 3 foot sump, works really well.



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