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Can you mix fry?


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I have 2 Afra fry (2.5cm) (tank1) 25 -20 Rubins Red Fry (1.5cm)(tank 2) and a third tank with a holding Rubins red. All 20l. I now also have in a fry saver 7 Afra fry in tank 1.

Would the larger Afra fry kill smaller fry. Could the new born Afras go with their older half brothers?

Are there any other issues mixing them up?

Other babies I would like to separate include a load of baby BNs and the community tanks Amazon sword is reproducing. There is probably more money to be had from the plant;). Hence I need to be frugal with tanks.

Any suggestions?

At the moment I am inclined to put baby Afras with their old bros when they have taken a bit of food.

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I don't see a problem with mixing the 2 larger afras and the older red rubins

(seems like a waste to run a tank just for 2 afras as well).

I'd be hesitant with the younger afra's and holding rubin female though. Once

fry reach a certain size you have to be really cautious when adding smaller

newborns. In saying this however, once they younger ones reach a

decent/fairly good size they should be-able to be mixed ok, when that is I

can't say though... Goodluck and look after those rubin fry haha.

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Those Rubins are doing nicely. Hopefully another batch will get spat in a fortnight. You are right it being a waste for two Afras hence I am asking.

I am thinking of getting another chick for Mr Rubin.

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It will be another Rubins. No hybrids. And yes from Asquith.

From asquith? Forgot to mention mixing peacocks with other peacocks is a

definate nono as females can't be told apart and crossbreeding..

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