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Building my own sump... help needed


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i would like to help you but just dont know much about these

but il tell you what i do know!

sump needs to be big enough to hold the total overflow rate of your tanks incase power turns off !

section for all the clean water to go but needs to be big enough for your pump to fit

i would say a tank split into sections with each section different types of media or sponge

where your water goes in you could have it on a swing arm to aerate the water which also helps keep bacteria alive!

sorry cant help any more than that hopefuly another member with experiance could reply with a diagram for construction or even pictures of different types and why you sould go for one over the other good luck

ps we would like pics of your process :yes:


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This is my sump For my rack system. It works well, except you will need to add more sponge and jap mesh to the second chamber from the left and on top of the bio balls.

Its made from standard 4 foot tank. Each chamber is 150mm apart except for the bio ball compartment which is 200mm. The space under the raised panels of glass is 50mm. On top of the bio balls is a perspex drip plate with 10mm holes drilled every 40mm.

IPB Image

Let me know if you need more details.


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