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Rena XP 4, Eheim ecco pro 300 or fluval 305?


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Hey guys.

So far im looking for a filter to add on to one of my tanks and i was wondering which of the 3 filters in the title would be the best??? (these are the only ones i can get because of price range :p )

Rena XP 4 for $270 warranty for 5 years

Eheim Ecco por 300 for $300 warranty for 1

Fluval 305 for $300 warranty for 1

im only a teen so the budget is quite low and if you have strict parent its hard to get more filters of the internet or of a person on some classifieds on a forum.

and i hear the eheim classics are the way to go but cant find any of the cheaper ones in canberra :p

or how about the j & t industry ones. cheap and chinese or the aquaone canisters???

Thanks in Advance :thumbup:


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Never used any of them. But I highly recommend Eheim. For about $270-300 you can get an Eheim 2217.


A quick google search: cheaper Fluval 305 and in Canberra too:


Have you considered using HOB like Aquaclear? For a fraction of the price you can get this:


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Hi DJ not sure if heard Laurie and My Filtration talk at the meeting, but he didn't recommended the Eheim Eco for some reason that escapes me. We also mentioned that HOB filters are great mechanical fliters and aquaclears are great. I would go for either the fluval 305 (although I reckon I used to get a better throughput with the old 304 model) or ehiem 2217 as your options, as recommended several times in several places. ;) Or buy 3x$100 filters and replace them consecutively when they die and swap over the media.


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hey rosco

did actually really take into the filter talk. but the tank's hood doesnt allow it to have a HOB filter. And it really startled me why he didnt like the eheim ecco pro. i think he said something about it was a pain to open?? haha

thanks for your input rosco. should actually check up jem aquatics to see if they have the 2217

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I have some aqua clear waterfall types i must have had for well over 10 years (15 years i reckon as they were one of the first filters i used). They run just as well today as the day they were baught and have been in nearly constant use. They are simple, they work, and obviously stand the test of time.

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