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rack plumbing help


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hi guys

will be setting up some different racks in the following weeks and need some help as this will be my first sump setup.

1 rack will be a 2 tier 4x2x2 setup.

i've read afew posts but know too little of too much.

so far i know is...

1. i want the two tanks plumbed seperately so that the bottom tank doesnt collect all the waste from the top tank (if i had plumbed them together)

2. i would like the plumbing holes to be on the base rather then the back (as this will allow me to have the pallet racking closer to the back wall)

3. i need some sort of overflow protection incase of power outages.

anyone got any diagrams/or suggestions how to do it?

size of tube/pvc going into each tank and size of tube/pvc going out?

how to overcome the event of a power outage?

hole locations?

i will get to the sump questions later, just need some tried and tested plumbing methods you guys use.

thank you


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Hi Daniel

All good questions

Do a search on here...theres LOTS of info...prett much answering all your questions.

Point 3)...the overflow CAN be your sump in case of power outage so you need to design the sump from the start to allow for excess water and to allow for the pumps to kick in and then refill the tank for you.

Mike :)

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