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spare 3 foot tank


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G'day I know this is an oft repeated question and I did go through the forums looking before posting :-).

I now have a spare 3 foot tank and all the gear having recently moved on all my lionheads. I've tried to sell the setup but the only response I got was a guy that came and offered me $20 for the lot...........I politely told him goodbye. The dimensions of the tank are 36 x 14w x 17.5h , around 115 to 120 litres I think. Dual fluoro aquaone light, aquaone heater, eheim internal filter.

The location of the tank if I set it up will be in the bedroom so bit worried that anything I put in will scare a lot with the low traffic and the lights going on and off through the night.........really no idea how much if any of a problem either of these will cause.

I was thinking of moving my 3 lf albino bn into it but I also have something like 100 cherry shrimp in the same tank , the bn wouldnt care about the fluoro lighting but to have the shrimp there I need light for the java moss. The idea was to grow on the bn to breed and sell/exchange the fry but from what I have seen the price of these guys is so low I dont know if its really worth the running costs any more. Another idea would be to replace the current tank with the 3 footer for the bn and shrimp but its a bench top and I'd be starting to put a fair bit of weight on it.

I wouldnt mind something that would work for the tank and location in the bedroom to breed and do the same thing I had planned for the bn.

Any suggestions welcome.

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as for breeding bn you are right there non worth the expence of keeping them just to breed but ifyou have them try breed them something is always beter than nothing plus for me its more that a return on my money its meeting new people the chalange of keeping them happy so on !

as for your 3 footer you dont have to use it just because you have it !

as for it being in the bedroom ? when i had a tank in my room the lights were always on !

just hated the clean ups

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Tx for the reply Foti, yep the experience and chatting to people about the hobby is worth more than breeding some of the fish :-). Unless someone was a serious breeder I dont think many make money, enough to cover some food or replacement fish for a new project is how its worked for me in the past with fish that bred and I'm happy with that.

My bedroom is cold and the fish would be on their own for most of the day, plenty of light through the day but not much interaction with people excpet at night for a couple of hours. I might even end up just keeping the tank in the garage as a medic tank or if I have to evacuate a fish from the main tanks for some reason but in no rush to decide.

Cheers, Les.

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Neolamprologus multifasciatus.

Sand, shells and tonnes of fish.

They dive into their shells when you first appear, but can't help stickybeaking with a few seconds.

Gorgeous fish, great character - you won't regret getting them.

Cheers, Paul.

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I agree with paul.

Get shellies! :yes: I suggest meleagris, one of the more colourful shellies. Or gold occelatus. they are a nice looking fish with great personality and fun to watch. You will also get a heap of fry out ofem if u have right water and there needs are catered for.



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