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RO units


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I currently have a 3' tank with x15 neons, x6 pepps and xheaps bristlenose.

I want to start keeping discus in the tank but the water out here isn't easy to deal with, it comes out quite hard and obviously with a high pH. Great for African cichlids but not so good with South American fish.

Anyway, I was looking at an RO unit for ~$150. Other options are using Eheim Torf but I can imagine I'd go through this quite quickly and it'd become more expensive than an RO unit.

So - how do you setup an RO unit? Does it need to go by a tap? Will I need a large storage drum for the RO'd water? Are new cartridges easy to get? How long do they last?

Any info really :)


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In laymans terms all you do is hook one pipe to a tap and then that water is forced through the filter and you have two other tubes, one for waste water and the filtered water.

Yes you will need some sort of storage container as the RO filters the water too slowly for you to turn it on and fill up a bucket to top the tank up. Most people hook them up in a laundry room or such.

Cartidges are easy to replace and how long they last depends on the use.

Try this site for the unit. I find them to be the best.


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