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foam/frothy stuff on water surface?


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i had a similuar problem with my tank ..

im running a sump and a cannister with a couple of air stones goin ...

wat was happening was the bubbles and the amount of water flow through the tank was causing a bit of a wishy wash i guess so i adjusted the flow into different directions and fixed the prob...



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i was told that this was caused by unprocessed waste. i have the same issue with my tank atm.

well said this is the cause plus if there is a fare bit of drift aswell together will cause it aerastion must be presant in all aquariums plus flow is good for your bn

i have the same problem with my 4ft pepp tank doesnt bother them one bit :confused:

(lots of drift black water)

my lf abn tank doesn't have this problem tho feed same foods just less driftwood

(i guess they eat faster or its from the driftwood?)

talking about the soapy looking builds up!

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its possible of both i have alot of water movement on surface and air stones also alot of waste being bristlenose and there food...


if its any help, as my tank is settling in and the good bacteria are taking over it has eliminated completely the cloudiness of my water which was bacterial bloom and every day the frothy stuff is less and less. today there is only maybe 20% of the surface with bubbles, a week ago it was covering the entire surface of the water. i haven't changed my airstones or flow at all.

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