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Hi all,

I recently purchased some BBS eggs. I hatched it the same way as I always have, with minimal light source (sun light from window).

I have no problem hatching using brand "A" (I forgot what it was). But the new one, brand "B" has a very poor hatching rate, about 20%.

I have done a quick research, it seems that they do need some light source to trigger the hatching.

Light Intensity Study

I was advised by the reps of brand "B" that I need strong light in the first 6 hrs because the naups need high light to break out of the cysts.

I'm going to try that and see what will happen. In the mean time, can someone share their experiences?


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i got mine of age of aquariums gulf brand and i love it..i put just over 1/2 teaspoon and get a thick layer of bbs.... i hardly use light.. i bought a pack of eggs before that very useless not 1 hatched there is a post on this forum with pictures of the brand i used...


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I use the light as a heat source to keep the salt water warm.

But you also use the light when you are removing the brine shrimp for the tub without the eggs. Put the light next to what your growing them in and they swarm towards it. This way you can get out mostly brine shrimp and not the egg shells.

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I hatch mine in quite a dark room and have never had problems(Ive been doing it twice a day for years).There are big variation in batches of eggs and they certainly deteriorate with time(I keep my eggs in a sealed jar with dessecant in the fridge).Warmth is a major factor in hatch time and I have my containers soaking in a bath of water set at 80 degrees or so so that they hatch in 24 hours

The shrimp as has been mentioned head to the light so it helps collection

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I hatch mine in the fishroom so it's warm but they don't get particularly intense light.

they certainly deteriorate with time

I expected this but the last batch I bought (a 450g tin at least 5 or 6 years ago as I don't use it as consistantly as I should) appers to have pretty much the same hatch rate now as it ever did (not the best I've ever had but pretty consistant... probably around 85%).

I fill an old film-canister from the tin and take it out to the fishroom for my day-to-day usage so the bigger tin stays in the fridge and only gets opened maybe once every three weeks.

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