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Uaru with jurapari


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Hiya Tangy1 rolleyes.gif Ummm i think it's a good combo smile.gif ..

As they are 2 Beautifull egg layers ! provided you have plenty o'room as you say there should not be a problem smile.gif ... Uaru will be the most agressive of the two ...

Andy... wink.gif

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Uaru and geos are both nice fish and will be fine in a 6x2 tank etc. I've kept quite a few Uaru's (still have one full grown male) but the problem I've always found with Uaru is when they reach adult size they are extremely intolerant of their own species, especially two or more males together.

Generally theyre a peaceful fish and can be kept with much smaller cichlids with no risk but can be quite viciously aggressive towards each other when mature.

I had three full grown males at one stage that I kept in different tanks because when in the same tank they kept hammering each other!

Great fish though.


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