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my tank


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huh. nice selectioin of fish! :B i think thats a texas cichlid.

Are you sure those fish go together? i can see maingano (or other melos) and e. yellow and what i think is a five bar frontosa? and a mbuna of some sort?

the fish on the far left that looks to be some sort of SA or CA cichlid? the striped one in the middle im not sure.

I would be looking VERY carfully at your fishes behaviour coz youve got a nice variety of fish that have different water and ect. needs.


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i have a atman t professional, not sure on exact details can see them atm, there is a 50mm pipe with cap in the left corner and i have the inlet for the filter in that so it skims the top as well as 4 holes drilled at the bottom in case water levels become low as well as to filter bottom and then the outlet is a 15mm pipe with holes drilled like a home made spray bar .....

cheers for the compliments im going to be re - scaping over the weekend using some slate pieces and getting rid of most of the plants etc so i will post some photos when im done

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by the way got my ph at around 7.4 and they are all healthy and eating well on blood worms brine shrimp and cichlid flake.

i am setting up 2 x 2ft tanks and a 4 ft tank and will be breeding bristlenose and convicts just to greaten my knowledge

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