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New Tang tank


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I am currently setting up a Tang tank that I plan to eventually populate with Occelatus, Cyprichromis and Leleupi. However, all these fish are quite expensive in my area and I don't really want to be putting these in until the tank is well established and the water chemistry is super stable. While I have done all the water tests and it is looking ok, I just want to be very cautious.

Could anyone recommend a relatively cheap species that would

a) suit the water conditions

b) live happily with the fish I am planning on putting in there

c) not be a risk of interbreeding with the other fish (which I understand could be an issue with some other species of Neolamprologus and the Leleupi?)

Thanks a heap

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I have the 3 species you mention and have found the occies and leleupi quite tough.

If its a big tank I would cycle it chemically first(as for a marine tank)and then put the occies in(likely to be the cheapest)I wouldnt put any Cyps in for 3-4 months at least and honestly think they are better in a species tank(they self populate,I started with 10 now have 40!!)Having said that I have my occies with paracyprichromis and Limnochromis auritis.

An alternative for the upper region would be rainbows such as boesmanis,lacustris or salmon reds,all gorgeous and tough.I have many tanks with Tangs and NewGiunea rainbows they love the same water and both can happily breed.Rainbows would also be an excellent cycling fish


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It is a 4ft tank. Maybe I am being ambitious having all three species in there then? I wasn't planning to have a lot of each, but I could try to get a separate tank going for the cyps. The other factor here is that I have found the occies and cyps that I want already, whereas I haven't found any nice leleupi yet, so they might be a while coming.

I'm hoping the tank will be reasonably ok cycling wise because it was actually an established tank where the fish died (heater malfunction) so there should be some bacteria left in the filter? Or will the bacteria die off if you go too long without fish in the tank?

Rainbows sound like a really good option, thanks for that.

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I would probably ditch the Cyps, they like each others company and are great to watch in a big group.Mpulungu is a nice small cyp and not aggressive, it could be a go if you were set on them.The tank shouldnt need cycling just a big water change incase nitrates are up.

I noticed when I was in Bayfish wholesalers last week they had some lovely yellow leleupi,I have the German bred orange type and have fry but live in Geelong.All Melbourne aquarium shops will be able to access them,if german they will be expensive.

Leleupi go very well with a blue rainbow such as M.lacustus, kamaka,pierucciae etc.Some are hard to find,lacustrus are the most common but some are from crappy stock.Kamaka is stunning but quite rare.

All the best Doug

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