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Tanks in newcastle


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i'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but it is specifically for newcastle are, but if it is not then i guess someone will move it smile.gif i'm looking for 3 or 4 foot (3 foot preferably) tank to use as a sump for my 5x2x2. basically second hand will do, so if anyone (in newcastle area) has one out the back that they are not using i would be happy to take it off their hands at a fair price.

the other alternative is to buy a new one and am wondering where the best place to get tanks at a reasonable price in the newcastle area is.

The only restrictions on the tank is it has to come with lids(or be very cheap with out lids) and has to be less than 2 foot wide and less than than 4 foot high smile.gif

Hope you can help


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Have you considered a large plastic tub from Go-Lo or Bunnings? They do deform a little under the pressure, but if you silicone the lid on and cut a door out of it they hold up really well. If you are worried about the heater, attach it to a small piece of glass so it doesn't touch the plastic. I could even give you a luva for this (out of windows) if you needed it. But i can't help with tanks.


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