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Chilling out Dolphins


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I have 3 female Dolphins about 14cm and they

fight day and night. They are in a 6ft with 4 juv

E. yellows. They don't bother the yellows but

constantly blue each other. I tried tried adding

in 2 target fish (rainbows) but they don't bother

them either. Besides forking out $80 for a decent

size male, what are my other options? I think

they may have killed the last male by ganging up

on him even though he was bigger. Any ideas ppl? unsure.gif



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Guest Panga


I constantly see my moori fighting. You will look over at the tank and there is 2 circling each other lining each other up. Then they embrace in a big jaw locking dual. I have 2 males and 3 females and it can be anyone of them involved. Ive seen the 2 males fight and ive seen the males fight the females aswell. Even 2 females fight aswell. I think its just in there nature.

Cheers Troy biggrin.gif

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Hi Mike, sorry mate no more males left. Only 1in juvs

Hi Matt, yeah i am interested. Wheres Warrimoo?

Thanks Panga, yeah i think you could be right.

They all used to blue each other heaps. Haha, i got

my first PM just before and didn't know what was going on.

Still trying to work it out abit lol.

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