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sealant to waterproof large tub


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I have hunted around to get a water change drum or container etc etc to fit a specific space in my fish room & haven't been able to find one unless I get a custom made fibreglass tub which was qouted at $700 bucks which I obviosly didn't want to do ,

so am looking at building it myself out of wood (ply) can get 30 mm thick stuff for nothing at work.

so need a non toxic sealer to waterproof the box with inside so that it's safe to use , is there such a thing or should I just forget the idea

the space I want to fill with this box is 1300 long x 650 wide x 1100 High

I did research water tanks & plastic tubs from plastic shops & they didn't have anything close enough to what i wanted or was larger. than the space I need to fill

any ideas ??

thanks mark

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