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Tank Rack Journal


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Righto it begins again,

After about a yr of my 15 x 2' growout rack collecting dust and spider webs in storage,

Im stripping down the old rack and setting up a new rack of maybe 10x2' standards run by a

4'x18''x18'' sump.

The timber from the old rack is still in good enough nik so ill be using some of it in the new rack.

Ill get some pics up soon of my progress.

ok well didnt get to much done today, just got the old rack from the storage shed and pulled it apart,

ready for re-construction.


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hey all,

got some things done to the rack over the weekend.

drilled some tanks for the first time was interesting, got half done without any breakages so that was a plus,

will be picking up the rest of the tanks tomorrow and plumbing gear should be in wednesday.

ill post up a design for my sump when i finish the drawings.

i did a test tank with the primer (penetrol) and paint (smoky grey/blue colour), was all good till i drilled the tank haha

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

cheer Brett

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well this has been a long time coming haha,

i had this system up and running for about 6 months before i had to shut it down to move house "again",

so its been on the back burner for awhile,

since having it shut down ive made some changes to rack added centre supports for the tanks and some

end braces, i painted the frame sky blue and sprayed all the tank backs, bottoms, end sides sky blue.

next on the list is to make some changes to the plumbing system.

im not far off refitting the plumbing from the pump to the tanks which worked fine,

the return system needs some modifying, some of the issues where with flow and air buildup causing it to gurgle, so a larger diameter pipe and bends should fix it.

ill update with photos asap

cheers brett

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