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i have 2 spare tanks

1 is a 3ft that i might turn into a planted tank but because i dont know anything and i cant afford to make mustakes on a large scale i decided to turn my little aqura one into a shrimp heaven

can anyone suggest a easy and nice looking shrimp and a good hardy moss that will go well with the shrimp?

thank you in advanced


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Given the date of your post I'm assuming you already set up your tanks but thought I'd add my 2 cent. I have a 2 footer that is shared bt cherry shrimp and 3 lf bristlenose I'm hoping to breed. Its bare bottomed with a pot for the bn and a piece of wood with a plant on it (sword), I also put in a lot of what I know as java moss. The shrimp are thriving and have plenty of hiding spots if they need them. I pull out a handfull of the moss every couple of weeks or it will fill the tank but other than that its very low maintenance and the shrimp are fascinating to watch.

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