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Sump Question


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Hi all,

I'm planning to change my 3ft sump. It was a wet and dry type and have converted to fully submerged long time ago. The size is inadequate and the silicone for the partition has leaked.

The tank is 8x2.5x2.5. Because of the stand design, I have a space to fit in 70cm x 65cm foot print sump right on the floor (not on frames). By doing this I save a bout 10cm in height which I need for cleaning as the stand is only 70cm high.

Therefore, I've drawn a sketch for a sump LxWxH: 70x65x40cm. I assume bottom glass 10mm, the rests 6mm.

I would like some opinion/advice on:

- will it work?

- effectiveness

- cost

- whether or not worth doing compared to getting a 4ft sump

- anything...


IPB Image


IPB Image

IPB Image


IPB Image

IPB Image

TIA. :thumbup::thumbup:

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