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2m*.6m*.75m new complete tank setup


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I am about to commence setting up a 2000mm * 600mm * 750mm High tank. It will be occupied by tangs, comp or calvus, fronies etc.

I was wondering if anyone could advise which is the best way to do things from tank glass thickness to filters, heaters, substrate etc.

My initial thoughts are 12mm glass allround and in the base. I would prefer a cannister filter i.e. FX5 (does this have the capacity). I did not really want a sump filter - but is there an advantage to a sump filter - the size of the cupboard it would go in is 750mm long by 500 wide and height max of 700mm.

Is there a preferred heater set up, are any powerheads required, if so where.

I would be after a crushed coral substrate, with a dark granite stone - if that is considered acceptable.

I previously had a 4 foot tank a few years ago that was run by a simple cannister filter, i had black calvus breeding and golds as well, with a group of blue dolphins also breeding - it was running great with no ph buffers, the substrate and rocks kept the ph up for me.

Also what are the most efficient lighting system.

Thanks for your advise in advance - i don't want to make expenive mistakes - hence the questions.


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yeh id go 12mm, go sump and canister if you can, if not then whatever, just canister will do the job.

go 2 300watt jagers.

you dont need powerheads unless you want them.

if you want good lighting use t5's

thanks mark~

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