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labeotropheus fuelleborni


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Just wondering if anyone has had any labeotropheus fuelleborni just share there experiences. Got some around 4-5cm just wondering what size they spawn at as well and any other helpful tips? Iv read a bit up on them and they say they are agressive but the breeder i got them off said there placid like anything ???

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Maybe the breeder's stock are on Xanax...lol

Labeotropheus are stunnin, rewarding, full of character and aggressive as all hell. In larger tanks, they will co-exist peacefully with fish that have room to form territories away from them. Any fish that enter their territory will be promptly bullied out. Unfortunately, most colonies of Labs are kept in tanks equal to or smaller than the average territory size, which is why they are perhaps unfairly described as EVIL. Choose your tankmates carefully. All Mbuna have a strong ability to hybridise with each other - and most Mbuna are similar in nature and territoriality to Labeotropheus.

Provided the tank is large enough, tankmates should be haplochromines which are generally peaceful, but able to take a bit of bullying. I recommend all Nimbochromis, Copadichromis, Chilotilapia, Sciaenochromis, Champsochromis, Protomelas (and similar) species, along with a dither fish such as Clown Barbs, Stiped Barbs, or something else quick, schooling and robust.

They will approach sexual maturity at around 6-7cm, at which point, surplus males will not be tolerated by the dominant boy. They will breed like flies and provide plenty of entertainment for you.

Glad to hear about your interest in this species - they may be cheap and freely available - but that does not detract one single thing from their charm!

Let us know how it pans out. :)



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