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NEC Tri-Phosphor - Which one?


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Hi all,

Did some research on NEC tubes after reading the recommendations on this forum. I'm not sure which tube is the recommended one. Planning to keep mbuna with anubias/java fern in a 5x2x2.

Available are:

Natural (5000k)

Daylight (6700k)

Biolux - specific for aquariums

There are also high grade and quad-phosphor options.

Which tubes do you guys use?



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Went down Turks today, they don't stock NEC anymore and told me this now holds for all Turks stores. Maybe others who've been recently can confirm or refute this.

Bunnings has NEC tri and quad phosphor, but not daylight, only cool white, warm white etc.

Ended up buying Osram and GE daylight tubes from Turks, 6500k, $26 for 2x2ft & 2x3ft. They told me the spectrum was the same.

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