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mouthbrooding air bubbles


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Thanks Anita,

Yes, they (S. leucosticta) are the subject fish I am referring to...

They laid eggs a while ago, and then the eggs seemed to have been eaten by other fish. But then I noticed the female mouthbrooding a few days later, had me in a very confused state. Enough for me to actually pull her out to check and I realised she was only holding bubbles. She wouldn't even eat normally - her behaviour was so mouthbrooding-like.

Anyway, she seems to have continued with the habit now, and some others have joined her toooo.

The weird thing is, they never did anything like this before they spawned.

So Im in the process of setting up a new tank for them so they have a better chance at raising their fry by themselves. I've heard their parental behaviour is an awesome display.



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Tricotii wont stop doing it... last lot I saw she gulped every 5 minutes and held air

iI also have seen my xenotilapia spilopterus do this, as with my albino afra, ( she also holds pebbles as well though. i think she is not all there...lol

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