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bristlenose vs peppermint


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Don't take my word for gospel, but I'll try and help you out a little.

A breeding pair might fetch you around the $40 mark - I paid $30 recently, but I have seen ads for various different prices. Search the classified, that should give you a good idea.

As far as I know peppermints are far more difficult to breed than common bristlenose, tho there are some people on this forum that have been quite successful, so its definately not impossible.

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read this if u like to know more about breeding peppermint.


and i haven't heard any story about peppermint x breeding with bristlenose b4.

u can keep together when they are young but it is best to spare when they are ready to breed, this is because the bristlenose will fight with the peppermint for any breeding caves/holes/shellies.

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