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Stocking a 180L tank


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Hi everyone!

I've been reading this forum for a little while now, learning about cichlids and fishkeeping in general :) It's nice to find a helpful Aussie forum too!

I have recently been given a 180L (or thereabouts) tank - 3ft long, and it's fully cycled and ready for some new fish!

Because the water here is fairly hard and a pH of 7.6, I decided to go with Malawi cichlids.

After looking at lots and lots of posts, and doing lots of research, my potential stocking is:

Pseudotropheus saulosi - 1 male, 4 females

Iodotropheus sprengerae - 1 male, 3 females

What do you think of this? I'm looking for a tank with interesting behaviours, hoping to breed but not a necessity at this early stage, and forgiving for beginners!

I'm also interested in the shell-dwellers of Lake Tanganyika, but they are so much more expensive! I also have a smaller tank that could potentially house some shellies at a later date :)

Any feedback welcome! And other suggestions of stocking lists appreciated :lol1:


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Hi Amanda

While there is a lot of personal preference involved in keeping cichlids, provided there is good filtration and circulation, my feeling is you are not at any risk of overstocking a 180 litre tank with your proposed setup.

I haven't kept salousi, but rusties are one of my personal favourites and provide quite a bit of activity and entertainment. You could also provide a bit more colour in that size tank with a few Labs of some sort.

Have fun and experiment a bit.


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out of all your options id choose tanganyikan's, shellies and other tangs that can live with them are all very interesting and fun to watch.

good luck and hope to see some pics in the near future =].

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