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Success Stories Lifespan of your fish?


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In continuing Craig's (CThompson) posted article on fish nutrition by Pablo Tepoot without trying to steal his thread, what are the ACE forum members success stories in relation to their fish's lifespan? Whats the oldest fish in your tank and how's he doing at that age?

As the article states some people consider 2yrs to be a success, I'm keen to hear about your past or present experiences (even though I know it will bring up some sad reminders of those that have passed).

If you can provide your personal opinions on what you think has helped get them that old, that big and stay healthy it would make for an interesting thread, pic's are also highly recommended if you have them.

Personally I don't currently have any fish older than 2.5yrs so I can't post anything up but from recent viewings was at Patricks (pjmowens) the other week picking up a few fish and got a look at his 8yr old Male Burundi Frontosa in a display tank, beautiful fish that was obviously well looked after and a part of the family.

I can only hope I have my Burundi Frontosa's in 8yrs.

Let's hear your success stories guys...

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i have a jaguar cichlid that would be atleast 6 years old, and still lokking very strong, i once talked to a guy who clamild to have a clown loach which he had for over 15 yrs, i have also seen some big silver sharks that would have to had at least 5yrs growth

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