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Auto Fish Feeders opinions pls


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Hi All,

Im after recommendations on auto fish feeders. Ive searched the forum but found only info that is a few years old. I need an auto fish feeder for xmas hols (yes i thought i would start looking for the right type now and give it a test run before I set it up for xmas).

I have a AquaOne 980 tank and will most likely need one that sits on top instead on the side of the tank. Planning to be away for a week.

I have read the advice given about not using flakes as it may clump with moisture but has anyone used one of the new feeders that has an airpump inlet that helps keep the flakes dry?

Any models available from affiliates would be great. I have seen a few models online around the $30-$50 mark delivered.


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you shouldnt worry about leaving your fish for 1 week, just give them a good feed before you leave (not overdone), maybe just 1 more time during the day before you leave, they should be fine.

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