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Male or Female Sev?


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Ok now i haven't got any pictures atm because they still seem very shy. But i will try to describe it to the best of my ability. I currently have 3 Gold Severums. 1 large one about 10cm i know he is a male as he is marked well on the face and has a long anal fin travelling past its dorsal. I then have a smaller one who is about 7.5cm and he also has markings on his face but not as strong as the large male.his anal fin also goes to his dorsal fin.

Now the last severum is the one im not to sure about. It is about 8.5cm and its anal fin goes to its Dorsal fin but only just. It doesn't have as dominate facial markings and is probably the least prominate in markings out of the 3. It is the one that gets chased around the most by the Largest male and also gets tail slapped by him..

Ill try to get pictures up but its very hard to get a good shot.

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