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Sick Fish.. need help! EXPLICIT PHOTO!


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Hi guys

I professionally clean office and clinic fish tanks in the Melbourne CBD area and I came across this guy.

It was very sad to see. I took him home and have him hanging in a large net to separate from some cichlids, however I am not sure if i can give him his own tank right now.

He hasn't recovered or gotten worse in the 2 weeks that i've had him.

You will notice in the photos that there is one large hole in his fin near his anus, and theres small holes developing near his dorsal fin. It looks like a ulcer? or a large sore. He also has a bloated stomach. I think he is finding it hard to pass waste. Im not sure if hes eating.

I am not 100% sure how to treat him effectively, or if i should euthanaze him. I keep the water clean but in terms of meds? What am i dealing with here?

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Thanks for ur help.


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I cannot really tell what it is or whether the hole in the anal fin is clean or frayed from those pictures but the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this was it is nothing but a deformity that was probably missed when it was smaller.

Whether or not this is actually right or not I can't say until some better pictures are posted, but going off the fact you said the condition hasn't gotten worse I think I'm right in that part being a deformity. Most fungal & bacterial infections would have killed it or made its condition significantely poorer by now.

Refer to this site that I bookmarked ages ago if your interested in looking it up.


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Thats a great answer mcloughlin2

To back up the theory I would have to add, that if it was fungus or parasite it would have spread to all the other fish that lived with it.

Next time you see a sick fish I woould suggest that you try to put it in a tank by itself .

You obviously have a good heart but you are risking killing your own fish by introducing a possible disease to the tank.

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Yeh sorry about the camera. Its definately not a deformity. They had mentioned that it opened over time.

Yeah at the moment my terrors with the fish are fine. glad nothing has spread.

but yeh it has gotten a tad furry. But im surprised the fish is still alive. its been weeks now.

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although i can understand your need to help the fish out. The last thing on earth i would do is put a sick fish in with my own healthy fish, especially not knowing what/if it has. I would rather have one lone strangers fish die a horrible death then all the fish in my tank. My advice next time would be leave the thing alone unless it will get its own space while recovering/ healing.

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It seems that it is a fungus then.

Go and get some all cure.

You now have infected all your fish and the whole tank requires treatment.

Make sure you have no activated carbon/ charcoal in the tank.

Remove any loaches or unscaled fish from the tank

Lower the water level.

Increase airation.

Add some rock salt 2 tablespoons per 20 litre.

Turn up the temp to 28 degrees

Follow instructions on bottle .

Better to get right on it.

Your fish will probably survive.

The one you are trying to save will probably die.


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