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Pairing Cichlids


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G,day guys,

I currently have 4 severums in a tank, 3 golds and 1 smaller green. They are currently about 8-10cm and im just wondering how long it usually takes these guys to pair up :hug: once they move in together. I know Sev's take longer. But anyone have any idea how long?

Cheers, :thumbup:

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Of course it all depends on the individuals.

I have a pair of gold sevs in my display tank.

I put 4 together and the first thing that happened was they all settled in.

Then after a 3 weeks they seemed to turn into a trio and 1 fish was left isolated and they started picking on it and forcing it stay away.

I removed it from the tank.

I believe it was a female.

Which left me with 2 males and 1 female.

Then 1 fish had a growth spurt. Maybe another month went by.

The biggest fish coloured up and paired with the smallest fish.

This process took about 2 months.

I am currently about to move house so I am going to put the pair into their own tank when I set up a new house because they are always cleaning rocks and jijiging around.

They are usually pretty unatentive parents when they are young and often they leave their eggs to feed and then they lose their eggs to any other tank mates.

They grow massive and are much better parents when they hit 10 inches plus.

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Heres to hoping i have a female with my trio... I think i do.. One has facial markings and a long bottom fin, while the other is slightly smaller and does not pass other fins.. Then the last and smallest has rather blunt fins.. ill post pics soon

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