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New 3ft Display Tank


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Hi All,

Just set up a new 3ft display tank. We are pretty happy with the way it has ended up so thought we would show you all. :wub

Full Tank shot

IPB Image

With Flash

IPB Image

Without Flash

IPB Image

The tank is home to 11 Malasa's which have just had their first mouthful of 5 fry plus a breeding pair of J. Regani's and their fry. :hug:

We particularly like the way the light is featuring on the plants.

Hope you like :lol1:

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Very nice display - love the plant you have. I saw some sort of custom filter in the corner?

Thanks. Not sure what the name of the plant is. It looked good in the LFS so we got some.

Yes, home made sponge filter. Provides a larger surface area than most that you buy off the shelf. Very simple to put together and cheap if you are setting up a fish room. The parts are:

1. Piece of sponge (buy a large sheet from Clark Rubber and cut up to the size you want)

2. Cut the top off a soft drink bottle. The one in the photo is a 600ml. (1.25l work well too).

3. Air line and air stone.

4. Piece of glass or rock to weigh down (cut a hole in the bottom of sponge and insert weight)

Put it all together and your done. I usually put a new one into a running tank before I move it to a new tank to allow it to season.


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Sloany, I'm a softy for tangs & really love these type. Love the look of the tank all together. Thanx for sharing with us! :lol4:


Ahmed ;)

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