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Reviving fish from the "Death Roll"


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My new angelfish is performing the "death roll" - the one when they seem too weak to do anything, and start rolling around in the water, occasionally getting sucked up near the filter intake and getting pushed out from the filter output.

The fish is a new one i bought recently (last week), it is currently in quarantine. In fact i bought 2 at the same time, but one died the night after i brought it home. Acclimatised properly, tank cycled and everything. No surface/physical problems, probably a disease, something internal they picked up from the fish shop...not very healthy. In fact there were a few dead/looking fish in a few other tanks, since they had so many of this fish (really nice long-finned veiltail) in heaps of tanks, i spotted the least populated tank with the most active/colourful fish in there, which happened to be right at the top needing a ladder to get to. I would have thought these were the healthiest of the lot, as the others were already showing physical problems such as fin rot/chews, swimming problems etc...Never buying from there again...

So is there a way of reviving it? Or is it pretty much on its last legs and gonna die any minute now?


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Sounds like a swim bladder problem. Do a search on swim bladder disease and see what you get.

I once cured a fish that was doing the roll. I had Metronidazole and Furan 2 so I treated with these meds in a med bath. I just thought I might as well give it a go since the fish wasn't looking good.

Anyway, next morning the fish was fine.

Good luck,


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