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Rocks or Eggs?


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It would be possible that when mating the frontosa could have picked up some rocks but it appers that she has a mouth full of rocks? Is she trying to fool me?

All of the females have held for around 2-3 days but this time the one female has held for around 8 days. I'm considering buying a 2-3ft tank and resting her there for another 1-2 weeks and let her spit. Regardless if they are rocks or eggs.

Good side of it is that it may be good training for her to hold for that period of time.

p.s I have had these fontosa's for around 5 years was a massive colony from beggining and slowly let some go. Ratio is 3F to 3M and mate frequently, largest male is around 25+cm's. I'v thought about stripping.

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I have never kept fronnies, but I have definatley had rocks mixed in with eggs, and one or twice have found only rocks.

My suspicion is that the rocks damaged the eggs 1 by 1 until only the rocks were left and the female couldnt tell the difference.

Its a real gamble, you can either leave her be and hope the rocks dont damage the existing eggs, or strip her and place the eggs in a tumbler.

If they breed often, then it might just be worthwhile letting it take its natural course.

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