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New fry!


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I found four fry tonight!

I decided to do a big tank clean (it was a mess!), and I collected the four fry. So exciting! I saw our first fry a few weeks ago although they didn't last the night.

The little guys are in a fry net. The seem quite happy! No idea what they are though. ha! I suspect empress's, but that's just a guess.

I'm going to have a go raising them. So what should I do? Whats the best type of food for them?

P.S. Are holding females supposed to have full mouths and not eat? I watch each fish eat every night and I inspect them closely. Is it possible due to having a young tank that I might be missing the signs of a holding female? Being they are a bit inexperienced in the whole breeding thing?

All advise appreciated.


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My experience is very minimal, still learning........not that we ever really stop I guess :-). The only have had my P.saulosi holding so far and only twice that I could see. In my case the female did come for a feed which I had read normally didnt happen with that species but when I did further research a few people commented that theirs DID eat but not sure if that was just at initial stages or with fry. Guess it might be why I havent had fry yet either, bit hard to eat with a mouthfull of eggs I would have thought.

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