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D. Compressiceps; colony or community?

Yeo Mahder

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I have a 4ft tank with a very dominant D. Compressiceps in it,

there were a few C. Moorii's and peacocks in there too, but had to be removed due to relentless bullying.

I've come to a point where i am not sure what to do, everything that i put in there gets abused but i don't want to get rid of the D. Comp because i am quite fond of him.

Do I get more?

he is about 17cm, so don't know if it is realistic thinking i could add more of the same species given it may be difficult to find them around this size for sale in shops.

If it is possible to put more d. Comp's in, what kind of numbers and ratio are suitable for a colony?

that's as far as i've thought so far, open to suggestions, just wanna get the tank nice and active again.



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If you want to start a colony of comps up, you can add as many females as your tank/filter can handle - the more you have, the more successful the colony should be. Don't get a spare male, as it will be killed immediately by the dominant one.

As for other kinds of fish, it is very hit and miss with an agro D. comp. Try dither fish like Clown Barbs, Spanner Barbs and Striped Barbs for some colour and movement. Some catfish may be alright in there too...

Whatever you put in, I strongly recommend adding lots of 8" PVC pipe sections to give everyone some refuge from the meanie!



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