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Hongi related Q's


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Gday all,

Iam looking at adding some Hongi's to my display tank but having made the mistake of rushing out to buy fish, i guess iam learning the error of my ways!

Firstly, can anyone clear up the specific Hongi we get in Aus that's commonly referred to as a hongi.

On the cichlid forum profiles page they list 2 hongis commonly available.

Lab. Hongi - Kimpuma

Lab. Hongi (SRT) - red top kimpuma.

I ask because on a lot of the overseas forums there seems to be quite a difference in appearance in the Hongis we get and those found o/s.

See this youtube vid as an eg:


Both are awesome looking fish too.

My second question is whether anyone can recommend a decent breeder or quality true to type Hongis in Sydney.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



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