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affect on slime coat


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hi all,

i have a strange goings on in my rainbowfish tank.they have been in there while tank was cycling and im thinking their slime coat has been damaged by the cycling process.they all have white irregular patches which are flat to their bodies not cottony at all.its definately not columnaris,ick,velvet or anything common.has anyone had any fish with this flat white moldy look on thier sides,stranger again,you can only see this whiteness from front on to fish,side on looks normal :dntknw: they are eating,pooing,displaying to each other ocasionally but do seem to hide in a corner a lot.could be tank placement though but not sure.they arent itchy either.i got my water tested today and ammonia,ph,nitrates and nitrates were all at perfect levels.the white seems to be getting a bit worse and all fish have it.im thinking its a stress related condition.atm im using pimafix to see if that helps but if anyones fish has had this i am keen to hear your views.


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