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Pool Acid for fish tank?


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Hi all,

Posting on behalf of a friend....

He wants to know, if its possible to use pool acid to alter the Ph in your tank, rather than paying a fortune for the fish shop version of Ph down???

Basically he was curious if its the same makeup and or whether the fish shop version is gentler or more refined etc.

Any ideas???

Cheers smile.gif

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Dude the pool version is Hydrochloric acid as far as i am aware.

I once caught all dads goldfish and put them in a bucket that i washed out very well. It turned out that that was the bucket he mixed his pool acid and chlorine in. Evedently by the time i had cleeaned out the pond we had lost all bar 7 fish.

No to me it aint a good idea. Tell ya friend in a nice way to call a spade a shovel and use aqurium stuff for aquriums use pool stuff for pools.

But hey 10 points for trying to save a $ or $$, and you have to in the hobby.


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okay so can someone tell me what is in Ph down???

Its got to be some sort of acid surely???

I've tried looking at my bottle but there are no ingrediants listed sad.gif

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There is no problem using Hydrochloric acid to reduce the pH in your tanks and it is way cheaper to get it from pool suppliers.

Be careful though, this stuff is VERY strong. I add only 0.5 ml to a bucket (9l), yes that is 1/2 a millilitre. This gives a measurably reduction in pH, but my water is pretty soft. Never add it directly to your tank, it needs to be mixed well first.

Your best bet is to test it out in a bucket to find out how much is required to lower the pH to your required level, then use this adjusted water to do your water changes. Thereby slowly lowering your pH to the desired result. biggrin.gif

Good Luck


ps Be careful not to get this stuff on your skin, it really burns!! And it ruins your clothes if even tiny amounts splash on them. sadsmiley02.gif

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