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Angels ready to spawn?


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My angels I have are around 8 months old (i think) - about 7-8cm long. I have 5 angels in my 6ft community tank, and the two biggest ones i THINK have paired off - they always hang around each other, and as soon as an angel gets within half a metre of them they chase them away.

Recently I have noticed these two hang around the filter intake tube together, chasing ANY fish that comes near them. They seem to be "pecking" at the tube, as if to clean it. Could it be they are preparing to lay their eggs on this?

How can I tell which one is male/female? One of them seems as if its stomach has gone a little fat - is it eggs?

What sort of behaviour should I look out for as signs of them ready to breed? Are these signs?? When do I know when they are ready? Should I remove them into a smaller tank by themselves??


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They did it on the filter intake tube - where I was expecting. They ate the first couple of eggs, but after a while left them alone and kept laying. I think they are still quite inexperienced as the male sometimes knocks off a couple of eggs when he goes to fertilise them.

What should I do? Is it possible to remove/protect the eggs? If I scrape them off the tube, will they die?


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I wouldn't count on high expectations with Angel fish unless you are going to raise the fry your self. Angels are known egg/fry eaters. I have had some batches come up good with parents, although 1 parent sometimes has to be removed as the other can cause serious damage to it.

He is a pic of a young pair I posted a while back. The female being on the right.

IPB Image


Ahmed ;)

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