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NSWCS Cichlid Species List


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Hi Guys -

We sent out a draft species list before the March auction for the NSWCS membership.

If you have any corrections to the list please email them to @nthony, Cichlids_au, myself, Matthew, Chimpimbi, Cobalt Craig, Anita_ozFish, Link2Hell, Sorro or anyone else on the committee.

The aim of the list is to list all cichlids available in Australia - but not be strive to be taxonomically pedantic. For example, while many hobbyists follow Ad Koning's lead in using the genus name Metriaclima - there is significant scientific evidence to suggest these fish should be Maylandia (and not Metriaclima). To this end the society will be using "Pseudotropheus" (with the "") until it (and other similar situations eg: Archocentrus vs Cryptoheros etc) is/are sorted out. Obvious there are plenty of well accepted name changes and we'll welcome those and any additions to the list that were missed.

Many hands, after all smile.gif

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