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Flat sandstone rock supplies

s a v v o

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I'm setting up a Malawi tank (4ft 6in x 2ft x 2ft) and I want to use flat sandstone slabs for decor (preferably weathered).

If anyone can suggest a supplier, I would appreciate that.

I'm currently in the northern beaches area.



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Hi savvo

I'm not sure about sandstone (I was after some too), but I wandered into the garden section of Bunnings to pick up some small cheap terra cotta pots, and nearly tripped over a palette of what they call "random slate." It is plastic wrapped in quantities of nearly half a square metre for under $10. The individual pieces are approx 15 cm in length (plus or minus approx 5 cm) and were ideal for making several rock caves. It is around 1 cm in thickness.

The only drawback was they were glued ro a nylon mesh backing, but all except 2 pieces pulled away cleanly from the adhesive. The remaining pieces cleaned up easily with a spatula and a hammer.

At the minimum, these made an inexpensive temporary alternative to sandstone, but I like the look so much I may leave it there permanently.


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I used sandstone pavers as a background in a couple of tanks. From memory, they were called crazy pavers or some such, and were readily available through a local (Nth Qld) bulk landscape supplier. They didn't even cost much. Any lanscape supplier should have similar products available, irrespective of whereabouts in Australia you are. I think the place I bought the stone from said it came from northern NSW.

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