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Looking for Rare Corydoras Breeders


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Hey all,

Just looking for some contacts in regards to rare corydoradinae.

I'm located in Perth and with the creation of my fish room over the coming months I hope to increase the number of corys kept.

I will have lots (120 fry from first batch + 250 eggs are to hatch in 3 days) of orange laser fry ready in approximately 5 1/2 months(only 2 weeks old at present)

Corys and their cousins which I'd be interested in:

Scleromystax Barbatus

Corydoras Weitzmani

C. Pulcher(and it's closely related C number corys, just looking for a cory with the extended dorsal)


C. Reynoldsi

c. Semiaquilis (Interested in a nice looking long nose cory)

C. Narcissus

C. Simulatus

C. Fowleri

C. Serratus

Please PM me, so we can discuss this further



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