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My fish has a Glassy eye on one side?


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I was checking out my fish today and noticed that my Male gold head comp has a glassy eye on one side. It seems to be a little bigger or swollen and has a white shimmer over it.

Does any one know what this is and how to treat it, does it mean he is blind on one side? should i remove him form the tank, in other words will it transfer to the other fish in the tank??

If you guys think pics will help i shall get some tomorrow sometime and post them up



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i did a little research last night and i think it could be pop eye from a battle with one of the other altos in the tank. Its only one side so i dont think its a disease baseed version of pop eye.

Does this sound right guys?? What should i do for him, remove from tank or leave in display tank where he is? Whats the best treatment for him??


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