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Help please....Are my Peacocks Sick?


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I recently noticed that a couple of peacocks I own seemed to have developed black lines/Marks along the top of their bodies and face... It looks like dirt, dust, soot..

I have also noticed after studying the photo, alot more orange/red colour has also appeared aroudn the fins and behind the gill areas

I havent noticed it before and I am a little concerned......

Water Chem looks ok, I feed them regular with Cichlid pellets

Image of one below

IPB Image

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How often and how much water do you change? I believe the black marks/blotches are related to poor water conditions. They should disappear if you increase your frequency of water changes.

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I do regular water changes.... After posting my initial question I re checked my Water Chem.. PH was 8.0 Ammonia was around 0, Nitrites were 0, Nitrate was 10

I just did another water change.. I usually do around 30-50% every week.. I also add PH buffer, some salt,Water ager and conditioner

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