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Smaller Geophagus?

Ong Bak

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Hi all,

I am curious on the sizes of various Geos, I was under the impression that G. Brachybranchus was quite small

http://www.fishbase.com/Summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=46933 indicates that they only get to around 14cm, but other sites/forums have said up to 30cm. I understand that there is some murkiness with this particular fish as it's also sold under another name sometimes.

So anyway, I was wondering if anyone can tell me of the smaller geo species that are available?



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Brachy's will get to around the 25cm mark according to the "South American Eartheaters" book. Some of the agyrostictus are full size between 18-20cm, but the other argyros get to 25cm & larger. Areoes get around the 18-20cm, Porto Franco's approx20cm or less, Rio Negro 1's around 20cm, Grammepareius 14cm, Taeniopareius 15cm, Pindare 18cm, Tapajos under 20cm, Steindachner 20cm. All Altifrons will grow to around 25cm or larger, also the ones I haven't mentioned will grow around the 25cm mark, or they aren't in the above mentioned book. Hope that helps.

Cheers Brian.

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