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The wife and my 2 year old son tried to be helpful today and fed my fish with NLS Cichlid pellets. Unfortunately my wife didn’t keep good control of the young bloke and he tipped “a fair portion” of the food container into the tank! My wife estimates about 2 Tablespoons at least, there was food everywhere with the fish still eating a good 5 minutes later. She tried to scoop some food out but to no avail.

My tank is a well established 4ft with 240L, with about a dozen medium sized Africans average size about 9cm each. I have an Aquaclear 150 Hang On filter (567L/Hr) and a Sacem Marathon 2000 External Canister (1850L/Hr). The canister has a barrel volume of 10 litres and it’s half full of ceramic noodles.

I can’t deal with it until I get home from work this afternoon, but what’s the best plan of action here?

I was thinking doing some vacuuming this afternoon and a 50% water change either tomorrow or next day? Assuming that the extra biological load wouldn’t impact for at least another day or so - or will it? Then I though maybe another lesser water change next week. I also plan not to feed the fish for a few days. I keep mainly Mbuna with some, but not all, being mainly veggie eaters. No feeding so I can hopefully avert Malawi Bloat or other problems.

Anyone had something similar happen, and any bad consequences?

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i don't think it'll be as bad as u think.

just do a vacuum if there are any pellets left, don't feed them for maybe a day or 2, depending how much they ate and do a normal water change...

you should be ok, just vacuum the remaining pellets and water change when you get home...

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