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What to do?


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Hi all my jack dempsey pair just had babies. My girlfriend seen babies swimming above the rocks and parents protecting them from other tank mates. I went over after work to have a look n they are in the cave now with parents hanging at the openings. I havent bred Americans yet. I tried to get the babies out but way too small. What should i do?

Should i leave them til they get a bit bigger? Should i take other tankmates out or not? How long should i leave them in the main tank with parents? Any other advise that i fail to ask also?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers. Anthony

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Hi Anthony

If its the first time I would leave them in their as to let them(parents) learn.

You can take out the tank mates to leave the parents with less stress.

Feeding them flakes will help as the parents should crush these for the fry to eat,

or you can do it yourself & place/sprinckle cr-flake near/above the hide-out.

Parents can be taken out & fry removed or just fry taken out & placed in a fry saver.

It really is all upto you, how much room you got & whether you have time to look after them(fry) on their own.

Regards Symphy ;)

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I left them in there as they were too small and hard to get out but i think they all got picked off by tankmates. Ill leave them in there next time again so they learn as you said then ill try to seperate them if they last a week or 2.


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